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Nothing fantastic. Definitely overpriced. I ordered the chicken tenders and a minestrone soup.

The chicken tenders were over battered - not the way I enjoy them. The "minestrone" soup consisted of a few tri-color rotini noodles and a scoop of a frozen vegetable medley.


Pilot Pete's

As an Italian woman, I know what minestrone soup is, and that definitely wasn't it. The atmosphere is something out of a cheesy 80's movie. It's kind of old and run down, and could use some improvements.

Chicago's Best Family Spots: Pilot Pete's

Our waitress was nice though - and on top of taking care of our table. Would I give it another shot? If I were too lazy to drive somewhere better. I have been to Pilot Pete's before and I don't recall it being anything impressive Have you been to Village Tavern recently? This is the upscale Village Tavern. They have very similar dishes. Obviously work off similar recipes, but they use better ingredients!!! When you walk in you walk through a small hall way which is their waiting area and it's filled with seats out of an airplane.

Pretty cool decor! Definitely goes with the theme. If you don't want to sit in a booth, you can seat yourself in the bar area and eat dinner. Just ask for a menu, or better yet, the hostess may automatically bring you one as she did with us. I ordered the pot roast just as I do at Village and it came with delicious fresh green beans not out of a can like they are at Village , and garlic-horseradish mashed potatoes. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Didn't know I had such home-style and decent food this close to home. The shame of it all is that it's a little over priced.

I would go here more often, but it's just a little over priced for me. You can check out their daily specials online.

I am so over this place. We have been regulars here for about four years and it seems every other time we go here the service is terrible. The manager, Maria, is wonderful, but they seem to have a training issue with their staff.

About Pilot Pete's

Or their staff are just clueless. Or both. There are very few options if you are looking for anything remotely healthy. We decided to go to Pilot Pete's one Sunday's evening to meet up with a couple friends who been there many times in the past and liked the place. Once seated, the first thing we noticed was the waitress's crude behavior. There was only one soup per menu Soupe du jour , that day the soup was I think chicken tortilla soup. I wasn't sure because the waitress wasn't sure!! I love chicken tortilla soup, but luckily, I decided to skip the soup that day.

One of us, decided to order one. The bread is not bad then again, slap some butter on any roll and grilled it, it would turn out tasty. We also order Apple Crisp as dessert. Maybe we just came on a bad night. I've been here twice in the last couple of months. The food was ok. I recommend the lobster nachos appetizer. The view of the airport is pretty cool. Good and satisfying comfort food! I got the London Broil tonight with garlic horseradish mashed potatoes. The portions are nice and the price is right! This place is really fun. I wasn't expecting good food here at all, but they delivered on the pulled pork sandwich I had.

The cole slaw was strange and had a large chunk of some unidentifiable substance in it, so that grounded the meal a bit.

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The calamari was tasty, ranking high on one of my dining companion's list of good calamari. I was happy that they didn't serve too many fries with the sandwich, but I can see where some might find it skimpy. The lobster roll was fairly authentic, though the consistency was more like lobster spread instead of chunk lobster. I can't blame them on that, though, since I highly doubt there's a daily flight of fresh lobster landing at the airport just for them I felt like giving her a hug at the end of our meal, she was just that happy.

If you have kids, this is a great place to take them to watch the planes come and go. If you have to wait for a table, there's plenty of "flair" on the walls to look at and keep little eyes busy, and sitting in old airline seats to wait can make an otherwise tedious adventure in entertainment go by much faster. If you don't have kids, everything above still applies for the young at heart airplane buffs too.

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I've been a few times now, the parents like the place. Once the food came out really greasy though it's a greasy food kind of place with a few exceptions and the service was bad. Another time the food was good and the service was great. I just don't know, I guess it's kind of cool beginning able to look out at the Schaumburg Airport runway and see the prop planes fly by.

It's hard to be mad in Pilot Pete's, their decor won't let you be. There is a million things to look at and of course the prop plane hanging over your head has you nervous enough not to think about anything else but it falling down on your head. Apparently the story is that PP is named after the great aviator "Pilot Pete" never heard of him.

The decor is filled with his private collection of memorabilia he collected from flying around the world and visiting over 25 countries. Ok then Some greasy and some good. I don't know what else to say. Great find on a random occasion! Loved their bruschetta, veggie quesadilla and veggie sandwich on foccacia with cucumber, tomato and basil plus a pesto sauce!

Nice ambiance and view too! I ate here ove the weekend with my BF and my P's. My P's had been here back in the day and said it was a fun little place to eat and watch the planes so we thought we would take the drive out there. I really wished we hadnt. I never saw it back in the day but when we pulled up my Ps couldnt stop saying how big and how much it had changed. When you walk in it smells like gas and there are some blue velvet Austin Powers looking plane seats to sit in. We were seated right away.

Pilot Pete's Gluten Free - W Irving Park Rd, Schaumburg, IL

The dining room was filled with airplanes and a tiki hut? The menu was enormous! It looked like some chain restaurants menus. With everything from salads to pasta to burgers to sandwiches. There were 3 full pages of chain restaurant knock off entrees. We started with an onion blossom thing that was good just cause it was fried.