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Fido convinced me to switch back by giving me 8 GB data and ensuring me I would never need more than that. Kidding me! That is ridiculous, Rogers induced robbery at best. Now Freedom mobile is offering unlimited data for same cost as my plan.

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This time, I'm switching for good and I ain't turning back. Freedom also has way better reception than Fido. Honestly, I have way more deadspots and slow youtube buffering than I did with Freedom. Don't call me, don't respond with some BS, don't invite me back. Won't happen. If you want, you're more than welcome to wave the overage charges - there is nothing more or further to discuss with me.

Fido Unlock Issue iPhone 6 - 'SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear...'

As of first thing tomorrow, I will no longer be a Fido customer. Shame on you! I've been a Fido customer for over 12 years. Highway robbery. How do you justify a quadruple price increase? Bad is not the word.. I have 2-year subscription contract was expired last October 4, Today, October 7, I call the Fido customer service to ask some help to fix about the billing problem but after calling the customer service it seems useless. Very bad and disappointed, I was charge for something i didn't even used internet data, text, calls etc.

The worst customer service experience! Agents are not knowledgeable they keep on putting me on hold or dropping the call. Supervisors are rude!!!

I called 3 times over the past few weeks to dispute my bill, They keep on telling that it was fixed and just wait for the notification. But no update, the bill is still showing as I called again today to rectify the issue but they were telling me that I am also being charged for receiving incoming calls? I dont even used my phone frm 9am to 5pm because its not allowed in our office plus that was not what was told to us at the store. He doesnt even sound like a supervisor.

I work in a call centr for 4 yrs as a manager, I should know No empathy, he was so rude, he even disconnect the call by telling us the the building was on fire and they had to evacuate? I feel sorry for all your customers! I will call again but If u wont get a resolution, I would rather cancel this accnt and blog about my experience with you. I will also record the conversation in case your agents will play tricks on me. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:.

Miguel at customer service is the man. Reply from Fido. Hey Al, thanks for your feedback! We're sad to read what happened but we are happy to see it was resolved! Send us a message over on Facebook or Twitter, we'd love to send Miguel your feedback : - Nick. Well if I could give fido a lower star… Well if I could give fido a lower star i would, I paid bucks on my account and the next month I am up to bucks, makes no sense, I talked to customer service and she was actually delightful but could not explain or would not explain as to why my bill was so high.

Hey West, Nick here from the Fido team. Thanks for your review, and for your feedback! This isn't the way we aim to do customer service for our customers and our reps should be more than happy to explain your billing in detail. Can you please reach out on Facebook or Twitter so we can send your feedback off as well as look into your bill with you?

Hey there! We'll be thrilled to take a look at your billing with you. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to help you. Hey Michelle! That's certainly not the level of service we expect to provide. We'd love the chance to improve that with you. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to help. If there was an option for less than 1… If there was an option for less than 1 star Hey Martin, We're really sad to read that your experience with us wasn't positive so far and we'd love a chance to look into it with you!

Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter to check things out! I was just told to change providers by… I was just told to change providers by Fido because they could not provide service 15 min outside a major city. However, if you're in an area where we don't offer coverage at the moment, your service will simply not work there as your phone won't be able to connect to any network.

If coverage changes in that area in the future, our coverage map on our website will be updated. If there's anything that we can help with, please send us a PM on Facebook or Twitter.

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Julien here from Fido's social media team. This is definitely not the kind of experience we want for our customers. You can send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to take a look at this with you! Hey Dimitri! We're sad to read you're thinking of leaving us. Don't hesitate to message us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to take a look at this with you! Incorrect plan info Worst customer service. We can definitely understand that this situation can be disappointing. We'd be happy to take a second look at your account with you, you just need to send us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

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We'll be glad to take a closer look into this with you. You can reach out to us through either Facebook, Twitter or one of the other points of contact found on Fido. We'll be able to check into the billing details together! Read 1 more review about Fido Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Hey Loveleen!

We offer multiple ways to track your data usage such as the fido app but also our website and our self-serve option. If you have any questions about your services or these tracking options, don't hesitate to reach out. Hey Bharat! The experience you've described is far from the kind of service we aim to provide. I assure you this is not how we want to leave you feeling about our services. If you would please give us to opportunity to help we would be glad too. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime. Poor billing service and even worse… Poor billing service and even worse technical support.